Real Property

Your home is your castle, but castles can be attacked by the Visigoths, and that can be a bad thing.  Real estate, whether residential, commercial, or undeveloped, is subject to the rights of others and the real estate of others must not infringe on yours.  Special problems can arise upon buying or selling real property.  Sales contracts require detailed disclosures in the case of residential sales.  They contain an optional arbitration clause that may sound good, but is it?  Or will it cost you substantially more to comply with the arbitration clause than it would have had you not initialed it in the first place?  While you may have title to a property, its property lines, titles, and easements can hold unforeseen surprises.  There can be friction over trees or a neighbor may be engaged in an activity that affects your ability to enjoy fully the property you occupy.  To protect your rights, you need an attorney who know the laws and can get viable and effective resolutions to your property problems.