Landlord/Tenant Matters

A landlord owns the title to a property.  The tenant owns the right to possession.  Each has responsibilities to the other, and when one disregards those responsibilities things can get difficult.  Landlord-tenant law is very exacting in its requirements.  Marvin Pederson has been practicing in this area for much of his 35+ years and gives skilled services in both residential and commercial tenancy disputes.  Because the eviction process works more quickly than any other civil proceeding, prompt, accurate, and decisive action is essential.  Whether you need advice on the contents of a rental agreement or lease, your mobilehome residency status is challenged, an eviction looms on the horizon, you have questions regarding compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, your landlord won't repair a condition in your home, a tenant is in breach of the rental agreement, or you have any other of the myriad issues that may arise, it is likely a problem that Marvin Pederson has seen and solved many times before.